minggu ke-2 dah lame berlalu….tp xde mood nak tulis dlm blog neh..
sbbnye xde bnyk kejadian pun yg berlaku…
it was a quiet 2nd week..
i’m bored to death sumtimes…but let me tell u guys a secret..shhhhhhh~
i’ll always let myself look bz, every day i open my laptop & look at fb, download song & among others…hehhehe
but that’s not d only thing i did though, i’ll always look up infomartion in the internet..
i guess since i have so much spare time, this is d time to increase my knowledge..
what a good student i am…hehehhehe ;p
ok la enough already, let me tell d week that i’ve been thru..
monday: me & my fren (ums student) supposed to give out ceramah about nutrition for anemic mother BUT….i’am so disappointed..there was no mother there for us to give d ceramah…i don’t know actually, whether i was relief or sad or happy or dissapointed…it was a mix feeling for me…i’ve prepared myself..well, i guess there’s always another time…
dewan yang kosong

dewan yang kosong

after dat, my pzm ask us if we want to follow him to go to KK Prt Bakar..as we got nothing else to do, we said..ok..there he do some inspection..and us just watching..hehhe in KK prt bakar, there is a bilik penyusuan susu ibu…but it’s kinda small..i guess, that’ll do..huhuhu
bilik penyusuan susu ibu
Tuesday: another day where i’am supposed to give ceramah about diet & diabetes..BUT there’s no patient..what is wrong with dis week…well, i guess it’s their loss for don’t want to listen to my ceramah…hehheheh ;p
KK Maharani

KK Maharani

dis is me pretending as if there are patient who listen to my ceramah..hehhe

i guess, u can’t separate me with my camera…huhuhu ;p

dats all that happen in my 2nd week…..nothing much…after tuesday, i’ll spend my time siting in bilik serbaguna & study..hehhehehe ;p well, sumtimes of course i open fb and all those stuf..who can study all d time…people need to relax & chill….;))))

dis what i usually do

dis is me in d blik serbaguna..;p

my 2nd week is kinda relax, i don’t feel as tired as i was during my 1st week….but sumtimes it is toooo relaxing….u gotta enjoy every moment though, coz u’ll never know when will u got d time to relax in d future…;)))))