today i’m 22!!!!! alhamdulillah..i made it thru another year…..i hope d past year have made me a grown person & made me a better person who’ll give a difference in my family & whole world…cewah….hhahahhahhha ;p

now i am 22, & dis is my list to achiecved before……..ermmmm, no need to hv target. i think….

1. go to korea meet big bang, 2pm & all d idol group…

2.have 1 million dollar in my bank account

3. go to disneyland

4.learn how to swim

5.learn to play piano

6. go to hollywood,universal studio etc

some of my wish listed above is not true, & some is true….i’ll be d only one who knows…hahhahha ;p

hopefully i get my wishes….;))))

happy_birthday cake

*happy b*day to me…happy b*day to dilah joe..happy b*day to me…..phuhhhhhhhhh [bunyi tiup lilin]….hahahaha